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Acknowledgements would like to gratiously acknowledge and thank the organizations and individuals, without whom, this website would not have been possible.

We would highly recommend all these entities for their quality products, in particular, the main basis for this website: Zen-Cart and its FAQs, Forums, Add-ons, and the Zen-Cart eBook.

Acknowledgements & Credits

Organization Website Comments
Dr. Wm. Hamilton drbillhamiltonAZ@gmailcom Site Designer and Webmaster
Zen Cart Website Framework / Shopping Cart
Mozilla FireFox & WebDeveloper & Lobbying for an OPEN WEB
Numinix CSS_JS Autoloader and Fast & Easy Checkout
Zen Expert ZX Slideshow
FireFTP http:// FTP/SFTP - File Transfer Program - FireFox add-on
Firebug Inspection and Development - FireFox add-on
Google Maps Use of Imbedded Google Map
Wall Paper Backgrounds Snow Scene Image
Purchased Resources:
Host Gator Domain Hosting - cPanel control panel
Bare Bones Software TextWrangler - Text editing
Scooter Software Beyond Compare-text comparison/editing
Shutter Stock http:/ A few photos
Cucumber Media ZenCart eBook manual